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Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
NOCALL - Directories of Experts
The Year 2000 Information Center

Legal Sites

ADR Links Page
Law Mall
InterNet Bankruptcy Library
Lectric Law Library
Comprehensive Legal Listing Legal
Misc. Government References Online
NOLO Press - Consumer Legal Info.
The Legal List from NOLO Press
The Practicing Attorney's Homepage
The Seamless Web Site

Intellectual Property Links

Thomson & Thomson Trademark & Copyright
ILTweb5: Projects: Copyright Guide
The Copyright Website
Trademark, Patent and Copyright Info Page
State Stats on Artists' Rights
PERKINS COIE: Intellectual Property
Chap. 9 : Basic Trademark Principles
Intellectual Property Mall Pointer Box

Law of the Web Sites

UCLA Guide to Cyberspace Law and Policy
Lawyers World Wide Directory
Spectra Legal Jobs
The High Technology Law Journal
The Internet Lawyer Newsletter
The Journal of Online Law
Virtual Law Firm
New York University Law Review

Online Legal Publications

Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Locator
West's Legal Directory
Premise & WestCDRom
Forensic Media Journal
Construction Law Review
For Counsel Gift Catalog
Judd Robbins
LERN-Legal Research Network
NOCALL - Directories of Experts
Expert Pages
NY Law Journal
Sports and Entertainment Law Journal
AttorneyFind &174; Home
Legal Forms
The Legal Pad
FindLaw - LawCrawler
The Funny Firm - Assorted Jokes
Lawyer Jokes
The Year 2000 Information Center

Legal Associations

Minnesota Trial Attorney's Homepage
AFTL Home Page
ATLA NET Home Page
The OTLA Home Page

Government References

Minnesota Demography Home Page
Bankruptcy Code
Bankruptcy Rules Index - Part I
Bankruptcy Rules Index - Part II
Federal Civil Trial Statistics DB
Minnesota Legislature Indexes
Minnesota NorthStar-Govt. Info Service
The Bankruptcy Lawfinder
Thomas Legislative Service-Federal
U.S. House of Representatives Online Library